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    PHR/SPHR Exam and Application Fee Voucher Redemption Terms and Conditions from HRCI

  • Vouchers are non-refundable and have no cash value.

  • Once a candidate redeems a voucher and is deemed eligible for an exam, he/she must sit for an exam within 180 days from the application approval date (exam eligibility period). Candidates may sit for the exam as soon as 14 days from the application approval date.

  • Additional items not included in the voucher, such as second-chance insurance if desired, must be purchased as part of the exam application checkout process with a valid form of payment accepted by HRCI (e.g. credit card, organizational check, wire).

  • Applicants must meet the specified eligibility requirements to take an HRCI exam. Applicants deemed ineligible by HRCI will be offered a new voucher for a lower level exam. 

    • Example: Applicant for PHR exam is deemed ineligible after review of application by HRCI.  HRCI  will offer applicant a new voucher to take the aPHR exam.

  • Candidates may change their exam type by paying a $50 change fee plus the difference in retail price of the exams (if the new exam is higher priced). No refunds are available for exams with a lower retail price. A new voucher will be issued for the new exam and that voucher must be redeemed within 90 days.

    • The Exam Type Change Form must be submitted at least 10 business days prior to the end of the eligibility and before an exam appointment. Any existing exam appointment will be canceled by HRCI as part of the process. An exam level change is limited to one time per application.

    • Example: If a candidate for the aPHR exam realizes he/she is qualified to take the PHR exam, then he/she can change to the PHR exam by paying $50 administrative fee plus the retail price difference of aPHR vs. PHR.

  • Once candidates schedule an exam at a testing center, they may reschedule their exam date to another date within their original 180-day eligibility timeframe by contacting Prometric (the testing center) and paying a change fee of $85.

    • Example: Candidate for SPHR exam is deemed eligible to take exam on April 1. She schedules her exam for May 10. On April 30, she decides to change her exam date to August 31. Since the rescheduled date falls within her original 180- day eligibility period, she must reschedule by
      contacting Prometric and paying a change fee of $85.

  • No refunds are issued to candidates who let the 180-day original eligibility period expire without taking an exam.

  • Candidates may extend their 180-day eligibility period by paying a $150 extension fee. This provides a 90-day extension to the current eligibility period that was provided upon application.  This option is limited to one extension per exam.

  • No refunds are issued to candidates who are “no shows” for an exam scheduled at an exam testing center.


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