Sexual Harassment Prevention California AB1825/AB 2053 Online e-Learning course for California Supervisors


2 HRCI California Credits/2 SHRM PDCs


Information and practical guidance regarding federal and state sexual harassment laws, including harassment prevention and correction and remedies available to victims. 


Learning Objectives for California Supervisors and Managers:

1. What are unlawful sexual harassment, discrimination and retaliation under both California and Federal law?

2. What is Abusive Conduct (AB2053) and how to prevent and stop it from occurring in the workplace.
3. What steps to take when sexual harassment occurs in the workplace.
4. How to report harassment complaints.
5. How to respond to a harassment complaint.
6. The employer’s obligation to conduct a workplace investigation of a harassment complaint.
7. What constitutes retaliation and how to prevent retaliation.
8. Essential components of an anti-harassment policy.
9. The effect of harassment on harassed employees, co-workers, harassers and employers.

In compliance with California requirements, the Sexual Harassment online e-Learning training structure includes questions that assess learning, skill-building activities, and real case scenarios.