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Independent Contractors in California Course Overview

2 HRCI California Credits/2 SHRM PDCs


In this course, we discuss how we ascertain the difference between circumstances in which a service provider is an employee (and a principal is an employer) and circumstances in which the service provider is an independent contractor (and the principal is a client). .

Course Objectives:

• What an Independent Contractor is according to the California Labor Code

• The advantages of contracting with an independent contractor

• That protection of service providers is a matter of public policy

• The "Laundry List" of protections afforded an employee in California

• How to determine whether a service provider is an independent contractor or an employee

• California state agencies which police Independent Contractor status

• Statutory presumptions of employment status

• The ramifications of misclassifying an employee as an independent contractor in California

• Reporting requirements when engaging an independent contractor in California

• Liability for conduct toward and by an independent contractor

• Indemnification of staffing agencies

• Best practices


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