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All Returning HR Recertification e-Learning Clients from any Time Period


Please make sure that you use your current renewal link rather than purchase as a new client.  There are 2 important reasons for doing so:

1) Our renewal package is discounted significantly.  You will receive the renewal price regardless of how long ago you last purchased.  Please note that you MUST USE THE RENEWAL LINK; we are not able to refund the difference if you purchase as a new client.

2) Both HRCI and SHRM rules state that YOU MAY NOT REPEAT COURSES FOR CREDIT, even if you took the courses years ago.  When you use the proper renewal link, you will receive access to new courses that you have not previously completed.  If you purchase as a new client and register a new account, you could repeat courses which would not be eligible for credit.

If your name and/or email address has changed, just let us know, and we will be happy to change it for you.


If you need the renewal link, just call 1-818-581-4888 Option 1, oremail us, and we will be happy to give it to you once we verify your name in our system. 


Thank you in advance for your continuing business! 


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